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Online Bitmap Font Editor

Posted by Tom Bradley on Wednesday, November 12th, 2014

An online bitmap font editor is essentialy an editor that runs in your browser and has it's advantages :-

  • It's cross platform
  • Has a zero deployment footprint
  • It's a trivial task to issue updates

Why we decided not to

We thought about making an online editor but it has it's disadvantages too.

  • Unable to access system fonts! Quite an important fearure for a font editor.
  • Loss of performance! You simply cannot beat a native editor.
  • What if your offline? Your internet goes down or your traveling and you have deadlines to meet.
  • What happens if the server explodes?
  • What if an update is applied that breaks something? You can't simply use a previous version.
  • Beta testing and patches are trickier to handle

What we're doing instead

We already have a gorgeous native bitmap font editor for OS X, but what about other platforms. Well, we've decided to bring our software to Windows too! But this isn't going to be a port, it's a completely new app!

Written from the ground up in .Net 4.5 and WPF to bring you the stability and performance you'd expect from a native app.

We're getting ready for a beta launch soon, in the mean time check out Glyph Designer X