Particle Designer 2.0

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Particle Designer 2.0 is the #1 particle effects editor designed specifically for Mac. Choose from a massive user submitted library or design your own unique effects. Limitless possibilities with multiple particle emitters, definable backgrounds, zooming & full-screen. Target hundreds of devices and multiple platforms with support for over 11 frameworks working out the box.


Stunning New UI

Completely redesigned from the ground up, Particle Designer 2.0 enjoys a sleek new look and feel that will compliment your creative talent.

Multiple Emitters

You can now work on multiple particle systems simultaneously, allowing you to create unique, multi-particle system effects.

Searchable Library

Finding the right particle system is easier than ever using Particle Designer 2.0’s full text search capability for online  particle systems.

Full Screen

Take advantage of your entire workspace, giving you the freedom to design without distraction.

Device Profiles

Test your particle systems on a number of preset device resolutions, or add your own custom resolutions to the list.

Particles Up-close

Refine your particle systems with absolute accuracy, zooming in to view the highest level of detail. Alternatively, zoom out to get an impression of the whole scene.

Highly Configurable

Adjust a massive 48 fully configurable properties allowing you to create wildly unique effects

Realtime Preview

Change any property and watch as the particles immediately morph to reflect your changes

Drag n Drop

Full drag n drop support for the preview background and particle images

Multi Device Previews

Preview your creation on multiple devices and screen resolutions. iPhone, iPad, SD and HD are all supported

Particle Library

Need an idea to get you started? Simply choose from an extensive user submitted library

Share Emitters

After refining your emitter, show it off to the world by adding it to the online particle library

Supported Frameworks

You can use Particle Designer to design effects for almost any framework. Some of the more popular frameworks include Cocos 2D, Sparrow, Starling, Pixelwave, MOAI, Platino and Corona.