MAY 25, 2009

iPhone Game Programming - Tutorial 8 - Particle Emitter

Finally I've managed to finish the Particle Emitter tutorial. I got seriously side tracked with other fun things like sound etc on the iPhone, but I've managed to focus back on this and get it finished.

This tutorial will go through the creation of a particle emitter. This is a class which can generate a large number of objects, particles, on screen and control them in an organic way. This is normally used to generate effects such as fire, smoke, sparks etc.

The code and design of this are very much based on the work done by Cocos2D and so I owe them thanks for having their code open and available to check out. I've learnt a lot from looking at how they do things.

This particle emitter is not as complex as the Cocos2D one as I wanted to make is as easy to understand as I could, one so I could learn and two as I think people can take the basics and build up from that at their own pace.

As usual the video and source is available below, so I hope you enjoy it and join me next time when I'll be running through the Sound Manager.

Tutorial 8 (1:23:09)

Tutorial 8 Project


P.S. If you want to design particle effects in realtime, check out our Particle Designer desktop app. This allows you to design particle effects in realtime and then export them for use in Cocos2D iPhone or our latest version of the ParticleEmitter class.

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