JANUARY 26, 2012

3D Tech Demo Source Released

I've finally published the project I wrote for my VTM conference talk in Boston last November (2011). This project is iOS 5 specific and uses GLKit for all the rendering and math. It also implements a version of our Particle engine enhanced to work in 3D which is really cool. It uses bill boarded images for the particles so you can fade them, rotate them etc and it all looks great in 3D. We haven't got 3D supported yet in Particle Designer but it will be in V2.0 :o) so for now you have to manually edit the XML config file.

The project includes gyro based movement, 3D skybox, textured 3D models created using blender and exported as Objective-C header files (we will be making changes in this area with a new tool we are working on), Bullet 3D physics based collision detection and iPhone/iPad support.

We have put this project on Github to make it easier for us to manage and people to get hold of and play with.

So check out the project and have a play. If it inspires you and you create something awesome with it let me know as we love seeing what people are creating.

If you have any questions let us know. I'll be creating a new forum for questions relating to the project.


Github Project


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