FEBRUARY 23, 2013

Particle Designer 2.0

We are well into the new year now and time for an update on what we are working on.

Up until Christmas we were focused on making a number of big improvements to Glyph Designer such as Command Line support with auto SD/HD features, improved GUI performance, ability to zoom on the texture and preview screens etc while also progressing with Glyph Designer 2.0.

Over Christmas we decided, based on feedback we were getting, that we would actually slow down the Glyph Designer 2.0 development and start to work on Particle Designer 2.0 as well. The plan had always been to get GD 2.0 done first and then move onto PD 2.0, but we had already done a lot of design and planning work on PD 2.0 and seeing how many people wanted new features we decided to switch focus on PD 2.0.

PD 2.0 is a complete re-write, just like GD 2.0. To achieve the new features we decided to start from scratch with a new architecture that will allow us to add more and also bring our tools look and feel into line etc.

We are currently making great progress with PD 2.0 and I've posted a couple of sneaky screen shots on twitter over the last couple of weeks. We have the core engine all done with particles rendering nicely with all their editing controls hooked up and full undo support implemented. This new engine supports the ability to edit multiple different particle systems at the same time with even multiple instances of the same particle system on the design stage at the same time. This means you can now edit particle systems for fire and smoke together and make sure they look right, rather than have to load them in your app and check out how things look together.

This also means you can save a single project file that contains multiple particle system configurations, allowing you to have a single project containing all the systems used in a specific app for example.

We are also enhancing the sharing side of things as well. Sharing particle systems has been a favourite feature for many people as it allows them to get some inspiration from other peoples designs. In PD 2.0 there will be more added around categories and better searching as well as personal particle system libraries.

Once we get to the beta stage we will be looking for beta testers. We have a number of people who have already said they would like to be involved, so if you fancy getting your hands on Particle Designer 2.0 early and be a beta tester then send an email to [email protected] and put "PD Beta Tester" as the subject. We will have to limit the number of testers to the first 25 who drop us an email to keep things manageable.

That's all I can share for now. I don't have firm dates to share at the moment as I've learnt my lesson on getting over excited and giving out dates that end up being too optimistic, but we will continue to share progress over the coming weeks.


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